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Posture Pull-aparts

Not only is it fun to say but it can really help all you desk workers out there. Just a simple movement (even while your on your zoom call can make the different between an achy mid back and

one thats not!

The concept is simple, when muscles start to ache, they are craving movement, activation of these mid back muscles can start to awaken your better posture and increase blood flow to the area which will help to quiet down the muscular knots.

Equipment needed: a band of any kind and somewhere to sit.

Movement: take the band in your hands, thumbs pointed out, tuck your elbows into your ribcage (and keep them connected), now pull apart until you feel your shoulder blades pinch together

Repetitions: 3 sets of 20 reps split up throughout the day or as many/little as you’d like


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