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Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy

“McKenzie Method” - Cervical Spine

Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy

“McKenzie Method” - Cervical Spine

Applying MDT (Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy/McKenzie Method) to the neck and upper back regions (WITH or withOUT radiating pain) starts with posture analysis and moves in to range of motion and seeing you perform your activities of daily living. When looking for positions that produce pain, we commonly see that habit forming postures and physical microtrauma of daily activities seem to have a large effect on symptoms. Sometimes patients describe it as a “kink in their neck” or “slept weird”. We start with identifying the offending movement and finish when we find a pain-reducing movement or set of activities/exercises that help to not only take pain away but reestablish healthy movement patterns and reaffirm tissue stability.

**** The video above is a demonstration of an advanced movement that should not be attempted at home without supervision or under the direction of a physician ****

If you or someone you know needs help on their road to recovery, give us a call at (331)-215-4919 or message us here for appointment availability!

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